Our Mission

Here at Cross Town Disciple, our goals are to:


*To remind everyone of the love, sacrifice, and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


*To encourage and uplift anyone we come across. In a world full of dismal news and darkness, we stand to be a light letting people know that there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus but true joy and victory.


*To support our partners at Forever Found in the rescue and rehabilitation of children who were victims of sex slavery and human trafficking. Every sale in our online store goes toward saving a child and getting his/her childhood back.


*To be a safe place where your prayer requests or anything weighing on your heart can be heard without fear of unfair/harsh/false judgement. Please remember if you need prayer or just need someone to talk to, contact us and we will listen and provide prayer and support.

Meet The Team


Justin Noel Conkey

Position: Manager/Artist

Justin is the manager of Cross Town Disciple and makes the Disciple's Cross necklaces found in the online store. He became a follower of Lord Jesus on October 21st, 2011 and dedicated his whole life to Jesus. Besides ministry, Justin also enjoys movies, coffee, theme parks, scenic walks, video games, and reading The Bible (primarily King James version).

Melissa Conkey

Position: Writer/Editor

Author of Truth and Life by Melissa Leigh Chandler, Melissa Conkey is also known as The Bee of Bee Corner, a place of encouragement and enriching articles, poems, and delightful photography. Visit Bee Corner's various layers. Enjoy the Garden! Revisit Hope and Joy in the Poetry section. Read some Food for Thought articles in the Blog section. Plus more!

Melissa gains her inspiration and love of writing from her friendship with the Creator who made all, LORD JESUS. Her goal is to inspire a reminder of the HOPE, the JOY, and the LOVE that never fades, found in the ONE who knows each person best, God our Creator. Simply put, SMILES BRING SMILES; FROWNS BRING TEARS; THERE IS ALWAYS A RAINBOW AFTER A STORM!


Copyright Notice:

Unless otherwise noted: All photos of Bee Corner are the sole property of Cross Town Disciple. Copyright Justin and Melissa Conkey