Bee Corner- At The Cross


"There is therefore now no condemnation to those

who are in Christ Jesus,

who do not walk according to the flesh,

but according to the Spirit."

-Romans 8:1 NKJV



Grew up with roots down deep

Hearing the Truth and walking

       the streets,

All around town, a song in my heart

It was just the start.

What did it all mean?

I knew it was called Love

Didn’t comprehend though,

Thought Love was more

So I traded for Less-

Feelings fade and die

Leave you dry Inside.

Wanted to be free from the Lie,

Cried out in anguish

To the One I recalled

Was told to me to be Love.


“Beautiful One,

I chose you.

I’ve been at the door;

I’d go out with you.

I’m waiting for you to let it go.

I’ll teach more than you know.”

And I awoke to Real LOVE:

A Love that gives, doesn’t take

A Love that doesn’t look at mistakes

A Love that is reckless for me

A Love that died

On a cross at Calvary

And then rose again back to Life.


So now I was new, learning about

Love and comprehending it too

Until one night

Fireworks split apart

A new Song burst out

Of my heart-


What’s this?

Better than a romantic bliss-

Not only forgiven, but forgotten too?

Like as if it never was?

A dream come true!

That’s when Love really dawned in my mind.


Love doesn’t see the wrong,

It’s like it never was;

Love only sees all the Good;

Love sees the cross

And the Blood

Love says I’m justified

Jesus paid the price

And sat down

Now I sit down too

My Savior did it all

By Grace I’m saved

And Faith is a trust

That believes and lets go,


“Let God lead,


You are clean, brand new

Go walk with the Lord

He is leading you.”

My Good Shepherd,

I’m your lamb,

Snowy white,


Sins blotted out,



All Glory to the Great I AM!

Dedicated to: Lord Jesus, my Savior

Written by: Melissa Conkey

Cross Town Disciple

Copyright 2019

All Rights Reserved


My deepest stains now made clean

I look up at the cross before me

I see where the nails were driven in

The wood is frayed and covered in sticky red

I see many who believe

They beam as lights in the night

Stars that are shining in a blackened sky

Some only glimmer

Afraid they will fall

But I can't help but wonder if they know

You are holding each one in the palm of Your Mighty Hand

You breathed breath into our lungs

And fill us up again

With Hope, Strength, and Love

An overflowing never ending fountain of Life

The power that raised You to Life

Resides within my soul, my heart

And I wonder

Do they know

That you will never let them go

That every misstep they took or might take

You washed it all away?

Not with soap or heavy duty cleaner

But with Your own precious blood

A tiny piece of wood hurts when it gets caught under my skin

I can't imagine the pain You were in

The Nails driven in

The difficulty to breathe

Yet You did it all willingly

Because You love me

Because You love us all

And with those shallow breaths

So precious to obtain

You cried out

"Father, forgive them"

You loved those who pierced You and cursed You

Just the same

Enemies You wanted as Friends

Not Foes

And Orphans, Rejects, and Mistakes

You wanted as Your Own

Precious Children

Fearfully and Wonderfully made

This World prizes strength

This place loves to have

But You came to give

So others could Live

And so here I am

Sitting by Your side

And I look up at that cross

With a smile in my eye

Because I know You are Risen

And Your love will never fade

You are my Dearest Treasure

And I am One of the many

Why You came

And I love You,

Lord Jesus.

I love You!

Written By: Melissa Conkey

Cross Town Disciple

Copyright 2019

All Rights Reserved


They couldn’t help him

Why did I come?

Where is their teacher?

Could He help my son?

Every day is harder

Than the day before;

He gets thrown into the fire

And burned sore;

He gets tossed into the water

A tempest grips my heart

Who can free my child

Who can free my heart?

Jesus! It’s Jesus!

Could Hope still thrive?

Oh, Lord can you help him

The daddy cried.

I have not much faith, God

Oh I know You can see

But please help my faith, Lord

Though so small, I believe!

You can help him!

What will Jesus do?

He spoke to it,


With Authority and Power too!

My Son! My Son!

He falls down

But wait, what do I see?

Praise God in Heaven!

Praise Jesus Christ the King!

My Son was enslaved by a spirit that was wrong

It tried to destroy him

Now it is gone

And My Son! My Son!

Praise God!

I have My Son again!

And My Faith is bigger than it ever has been!

Thank You, Jesus,

You are the Answer

You are Salvation


Written By: Melissa Conkey

Cross Town Disciple

Copyright 2019

All Rights Reserved

Midnight Cross. Crafted by Justin Conkey.
Midnight Cross. Crafted by Justin Conkey.


Swirls of gold and rose pink tints

       touching clouds of purplish-grays 

Taste of heaven for the eyes to behold

As ends the day in a welcoming sunset

To a soon awaken night.

The light of the sun grows dimmer

As a cloak of darkness comes forth

Covering the world in blackness;

I look up heavenward.

Where are the stars that shine

Ever brighter and ever true

The tiny night-lights of heaven

Sent to shine on the earth for you, and me too?

God’s love is so vast

More brilliant than heavenly light

Whether the blistering, bright Sun of Day

Or the cool, easy-going Moon of Night.

I see the stars twinkling

A nursery rhyme fills my head

And I smile inside as I recall

The answer that the song does not give:

Shine my stars! Shine for Me!

Fill the darkness with Light!

Love one another in Truth and Faith,

Day and Night.

Did you know that?

That stars shine in the Day?

Such Light, deeper than the eyes could know, is on display

Bringing sight to the blindness!

O’ dark midnight, you frighten me not

For I am a shining Light

Ever burning bright,

Day and Night.

Where there is confusion; Where there is wrong

Where there is sorrow’s saddest songs

Where there is death black as night

I’ll be there a shining Light.

Shine my stars! Shine for me!

Till all the world comes to SEE

Till the darkness breaks away to the Light

And all bow and Praise the Lord of Life!

Written by: Melissa Conkey

Cross Town Disciple

Copyright 2019

All Rights Reserved

John 3:1-3,16-17 KJV
"There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him,

Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily,verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God...

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved."